What my clients say

Coaching and mentoring – Develop Intuition

“I met Julia when I was going through a relationship breakup. I was feeling unusually fearful, vulnerable and unsafe.

Julia was understanding, supportive and compassionate which I so needed at that time.  We worked together on cancelling contracts and cutting cords.  I was amazed at our first session that right after she cut the cords between myself and another person, that person (who was always too busy to contact me) called 3 times, one call after another, in a flustered state and couldn’t remember why they called and were reluctant to hang up. I felt free in my body and mind and a profound relief.

That event convinced my mind what my heart already knew –  Julia’s gifts are a blessing.  She has studied extensively and has a wide and deep understanding of the work she is doing. I trust her, her judgement and her healing implicitly.  I believe that the work I have done with Julia has enabled me to move forward in a positive, secure, life-fulfilling way.  I am forever grateful to her and her profound guidance and support.”



“Julia is an incredible healer. I’m sure that she has been working her magic for many lifetimes; her wisdom, power and intuitive guidance are beyond the norm. As a healthcare practitioner myself, I have seen many healers over the years. Julia’s work is outstanding. Whenever I’m having a rough time, need some clarity or love, Julia is always my first go-to.

She has the ability to pinpoint exactly what’s preventing me from being my authentic self. This ability, in conjunction with her healing presence, direct and clear communication, makes me feel very safe, calm and understood during her sessions. I highly recommend having a session with this wonderful woman! Intuitive guidance is out of this world.” 

Jarryd Harvey,

Chinese medicine Practitioner

My name is Nancy Valentine-Smith and I am a sacred technician, medicine woman and a worker of light. To be able to facilitate the energies and light I work with, it is important for me to have regular attunements balances, and clearings when some of my dense aspects arise.

It is very important who I see to assist me in my processes. Julia is one of the very few that I see that assists me with clearing and healings of my being and any outdated aspects.  I trust her impeccably. She, and her work, is full of integrity. She is grounded and clear and I always feel deeply held and cared for in the sessions I have with her. I am able to move through any aspects that arise with her facilitation with the healing modalities that come through her, quickly.

Julia is able to pinpoint and clear what needs to be dealt with. She does this in a grounded, highly intuitive seeing way. Julia has been able to assist me through her expertise to transmute any of my latent issues. She is part of my regular spiritual upkeep. I am so grateful to have met this incredible, empowering and generous woman. Her non-judgement during my sessions with her continues to help me flourish. I would recommend Julia for those of you who want to do the deep, real work on themselves. Freedom awaits you!

Nancy Valentine-Smith