Remote Spiritual Healing Sessions

Remote healing sessions

Remote healing offers flexibility and is an excellent option if you live outside of Sydney, or are unable to travel to the Killara clinic.


What is a Remote Healing session?

If you haven’t experienced remote healing before, you might wonder if it’s as effective. The answer is simply YES! It’s exactly like you’re lying on the table. About 50% of Julia’s appointments are held remotely.  

International sessions – this option is particularly useful for clients that live interstate or overseas.  Julia currently has multiple clients based across Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

The process for these sessions are:

  • Opportunity to chat online for 10-15mins via Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger/Zoom or email about your intentions for the session, any issues and your history.  
  • Julia then performs the healing session at a mutually convenient time.
  • The session is supported using a customised Crystal Grid, created especially for you. 
  • Crystals are placed on the Light body charger Mat by Luminaya. It is a powerful artwork that contains frequencies which support the light body. 

Within 24 hours after the healing has taken place, Julia will either speak to you directly for a debrief, or provide you with a summary of the key highlights of the session

Simply choose the international healing option in the online booking system.  Please note all times in the online booking system are in Sydney Australian time. 

You can look at to see when you are free for the session.

Each remote session results in healing energies continuing to flow for up to 30 days afterwards. Many people report that their life flows much more smoothly in the weeks following their healing, after an initial period of integration.


$200.00 for 1 hour

$300.00 for 1.5 hours