Pleiadean Light Work Courses

At Soul Mastery, we teach you the techniques of Pleiadean Light Work, also known as Full Sensory Perception (FSP).



FSP is a program designed to provide deep personal transformation and acceleration of your spiritual growth. It’s an experience that redirects your life toward your spiritual fulfilment and living in flow and divine connection with source.

It’s also for those interested in learning the healing skills needed to be a healing practitioner or teacher.

You’ll learn to open your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and channelling healing energy.

It’s a path toward wholeness, oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with the Divine and maintaining a connection with Source/Divine/All-That-Is.

As you undergo this course, you’ll be held safely within a space of complete integrity and impeccability. You can let go of anything that’s taxing you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, enabling you to move into your soul’s full expansion and freedom.

To experience this course, we encourage you to fully surrender into the process with an open mindset and a commitment to your personal and spiritual growth so that you can achieve the highest embodiment of YOU!



There are four levels of FSP healing courses. Each level varies from 9 to 14 days in total length and is sometimes divided over a few weeks or consecutive weekends.  

Class sessions include group meditations, spiritual teachings, and supervised healing work conducted in pairs.

Enrol and progress at your /own pace. 

Progress through the levels at your own pace as you integrate your new knowledge into your life. On completion of levels 1-3, you’ll receive accreditation at Practitioner Level.


Full Sensory Perceptions 1:

  • Meeting and Blending with your Higher self
  • Aura Protection & Setting a safe Space
  • Kundalini Channel Clearing
  • Accessing Akashic Records
  • Using Chambers of Light
  • Clearing Implants & Energy Blocks
  • Multidimensional reading and healing of the 7 main Chakras
  • Deprogramming Programs
  • Soul Fragment Retrieval
  • Soul Matrix Clearing and Healing
  • Sword of Truth and Holy Grail Initiation.


2-4 students: $2400 total
1:1 training: $3800

Full Sensory Perceptions 2:

  • Healing Unconscious & subconscious Out-of-body parts
  • Reading and Healing Subconscious Aspects of 7 Chakras
  • Reading and healing Past lives
  • Sub-personality healing
  • Reading and Healing Astral Body
  • De-patterning/Re-patterning Hands-on
  • Reframing negative behavioural patterns
  • Reading and Healing Physical, Emotional, Etheric, Mental, Spiritual, Astral Bodies
  • Soul Rift Reading and Healing


2-4 students: $2400 total
1:1 training: $3800

Full Sensory Perceptions 3:

  • Reading and Healing Past Lives
  • Clearing Telepathic, Clairaudient, Psychic, Genetic Channels
  • Genetic Deprogramming
  • Genetic Addiction Deprogramming
  • Soul Recalibration
  • Divine Plan Realignment
  • Reading Original 8 Cells
  • Healing Core Issues Holographically
  • Twin Flame Healing
  • Self-Saboteur Process
  • Soul Affinity Healing
  • Sex and Psychic energy.


2-4 students: $2400 total
1:1 training: $3800

Full Sensory Perceptions 4:

  • Nervous System Trauma Spots Healing
  • Black Magic
  • Holographic Core Issues
  • Male/Female full-body healing
  • Sexual energy channels
  • Healing self-esteem 7 chakra
  • Inner Child


2-4 students: $2400 total
1:1 training: $3800

On completion you receive: Level 4 ADV certificate


2-day course: $900

Course dates and details

Course Dates: To be confirmed for 2021. Courses can also be run on demand. If you are interested in attending one of these courses, please use the contact form to express your interest.

Details: To qualify for this course, it’s necessary to have read the Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin.  A minimum of two healing sessions with Julia is also required to prepare you for the experience, and ensure you’re ready for the energetic shifts that will occur when you undertake this course.