Applied Kinesiology healing, otherwise known as integrated healing, provides deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, spiritual, neurological, mental and physical dysfunctions.


What is an applied kinesiology healing session?

An Integrated healing session combines the best of modern psychology, NLP, CBT, physiology, applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities to give you a profound yet simple approach to healing.


How does it work?

It reads and responds to the subtle energy responses from the body, providing a way to access the root cause of issues. Once identified, a wide range of treatments are called upon to promote healing.

What does it involve?

During a session, I use muscle testing that provides bio-feedback, enabling me to identify areas of emotional and physical stress, imbalance or dysfunction in the body’s energy systems. Once the primary issues are identified, I use a wide selection of healing techniques to address the emotional issue or physical dysfunction. 

Applied Kinesiology (Integrated healing) sessions are delivered face to face.

Investment: $175.00 for 1 hour