DNA Activation

DNA activation is the next step in awakening new talents, or heightening existing ones, raising perceptions and awareness.


What is a DNA activation healing session?

It is an incredible, powerful and sacred experience that empowers you to awaken to your full soul potential.


How does it work?

With over 100 trillion cells in our body, DNA plays a vital role in our human experience and holds the blueprint of our soul. This unique healing session activates and attunes your DNA light codes to their highest level of resonance.

What does it involve?

Julia alchemically blends the energetic properties of crystals, sacred geometry, light, colour, sound and the elements to increase the frequency of light within your DNA. Codes are activated to the highest vibratory level you can currently hold within your physical body at the time.

This experience will leave you feeling energised, refreshed and awakened.


Physical Benefits:

  • Improved Cellular Metabolism, increase vitality & energy 
  • Appetite for more healthy foods – raw, organic, wholefoods, seasonal local 
  • Desire to cleanse your body with vital water 
  • Decrease desire for over-compensation of food/heavy sluggish foods 
  • Detoxification, glowing skin, illumination of the physical body 
  • Improve digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients 
  • Increase hair growth, nails and eyesight improves (multi-dimensional sight) 

Emotional/Mental Benefits:

  • Improve memory, mental clarity, primarily for ancient wisdom 
  • Self-Love, appreciation, compassion & gratitude 
  • Decrease anxiety, stress, nervous tension 
  • Transcend negative self-talk, embrace authentic speech (self & others) 
  • Release struggle, resistance and impatience 
  • Improve dream recall, and use of dreams for guidance & clarity 
  • Release of old issues and ‘triggers’ as old cellular memories are transcended 
  • Feel LOVED, sense of wellbeing, purpose, security, ONENESS 
  • Belief in SELF, you matter, you KNOW you can be the change 
  • Co-Creator with Grace & Ease 

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Live LIFE from a higher wisdom, a universal truth, from a place of LOVE 
  • Transcendence from the material, living life from the Spiritual 
  • Understanding & Inner-Knowing of Universal Laws 
  • Living Life through these Universal Laws as a natural stage of BEINGNESS 
  • Knowing & Being Your Soul Purpose for your evolution & the greater good of ALL  
  • Embrace the full multi-dimensional spectrum of our Galaxy/Universe… the only limits you have in living in a physical body are the limits you place on yourself. 
  • Re-remembering on a deep and profound level – How may I serve? 
  • Self-Actualization – Unity Consciousness 

DNA activation healing sessions are delivered face to face. 


$400.00 for 2 hours