Crystal Light Healing Courses

At Soul Mastery, we teach Crystal Light Healing that allows for the transformation of your physical, spiritual and emotional self.



When you awaken to your passion and love of crystals, you awaken your memories to their beauty and divine healing qualities. As you dive into the deep connection to Earth, you enkindle your chakras and energy bodies to the Earth’s Crystalline Wisdom.

You’ll uncover how crystals from Mother Earth hold the key to understanding who you are, why you choose this soul’s journey and how to step into your power and embrace your true potential on this earth.

This course is for those on a quest to learn more about themselves or wish to heal or teach.



All levels are taught in a face-to-face workshop format over two days.


Crystal Light Healing I

  • Connecting with Crystals & their role in Creation
  • Overview of Crystalline Energy, the Grand cycle of Creation and awakening of humanity.
  • A comprehensive overview of the 22 Major Healing Crystals
  • Understanding energies of Crystal formations
  • Attuning, Programming & activating Crystals
  • Assessing Crystalline Wisdoms for healing self and others
  • Communing with Crystal Devas & Master Crystal energies 
  • Gridding for healing, meditation and Crystal Activation
  • Sacred Crystal Ceremony – making of crystal essences.

Crystal Light Healing II

  • Theory and practice of hands-on Crystal Light Healing
  • Understanding our Octahedron our Crystalline Matrix Light Body
  • Using Crystals to access the Subtle bodies for Healing
  • Advanced Healing Layouts & Gridding
  • Beginners & Advanced Chakra/Energy point balancing
  • Opening Higher Energy centres to awaken our gifts
  • Crystalline Distance Healing & Essence preparation
  • Sacred Crystal Healing Ceremony

Crystal Light Healing III

  • Understanding Crystalline Sacred Geometry
  • Utilising Colour, Sound & Sacred Symbols for Healing
  • DNA Activation – activating our 64 DNA Light codes 
  • Crystal essences for DNA Activation & Attunement 
  • Advanced Healing techniques from Lemuria & Atlantis
  • Accessing Lemurian Crystal Healing Temples
  • Sacred Crystal Healing Ceremony.


Individual levels I-III: $495 per level 

Any two levels bundle: $990

Levels I, II & III bundle: $1485

On completion of levels I-III you receive:

  • Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Certificate
  • FREE Lifetime Registration on the Universal Life Tools Directory
  • FREE Lifetime Access to the Online Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Resources
  • Your details added to the Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing to support your practice and healing journey
  • Special offers and events exclusive to CLH graduates.

Once qualified, you may also apply for International Registration with the IICT. This professional association recognises Crystal Light Healing® as an Internationally Accredited modality in over 26 countries around the globe.

Course dates and details

Dates to follow for 2022/23. Please contact me to express your interest.