About Julia 


Holistic Healing – Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, I’m Julia.

I help seekers like you who are passionate about personal and spiritual growth, who strive to deeply understand themselves and their purpose in the world.

Through healing and coaching sessions, I support you in your soul journey. Helping you awaken, heal and flourish as you connect deeply with your mind, body and soul.  

I’m a passionate advocate for helping people to live their best lives. Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing my knowledge, wisdom and intuition to help you pinpoint what’s been holding you back. And by shining a light on the parts of your existence longing to be illuminated, we enable a transformation that allows you to live with freedom and authenticity. 

So if you are having a challenging time, looking at aligning into more flow in your life, or find yourself wondering why you always seem to attract people or situations that don’t serve you, then I can help.

Over 500 sessions and counting, I’ve guided clients to break free from these scenarios and gain the truth of who they are. I help them align with their divine nature, embracing more of their inherent wisdom and inner power and bringing them back into wholeness. 

If that sounds like something you’re searching for, or feel like you need to make some positive shifts 


And if you want to know a little bit more about me

I was born and raised in the UK and have called Australia my home for over two decades. For many years I worked in a corporate environment, but helping people has always been my passion.

My spiritual evolution started over 20 years ago. Being supported by amazing healers and teachers, I discovered my own soul alignment and purpose. I felt an inner calling to train, so in 2015, I started studying the ancient sacred teachings I use in my work today. Since 2019, I’ve been committed to Soul Mastery full time, and I’ve never been as fulfilled in all areas of my life as I am today.