Are you feeling out of alignment with your soul?

Do you have an inner calling to shift into a new level of consciousness?

Or do you have a sense of emptiness; a void that nothing seems to fill no matter what you try?

Julia can help.

Through tailored healing sessions and intuitive mentoring Julia uncovers the conscious and unconscious patterns and core issues holding you back. She supports you to rediscover your authentic self and transform.

She teaches you how to reconnect with the energy of your body and soul, so you can feel free and confident being guided by your inner wisdom to create a healthy and happy life.

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It’s time to move into greater clarity and soul alignment.

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Julia has a unique ability to understand your core issues and the blockages preventing you from living a life of freedom and clarity.  By sharing her knowledge, warmth and wisdom, she supports you to transform, initiating sustainable change and evolution on your unique journey.

What clients say…

“Julia has taken my body, mind and spirit to another level with her amazing healing work.  I feel such clarity as a result of our only couple of sessions together.  She shines a light on the parts of our existence longing to be illuminated, doing it in such a gentle, supportive and non-judging way.  Her extraordinary abilities are there to be experienced and enjoyed by those who seek a higher level of truth and growth within themselves.  I can’t wait to meet her again.”

Georgie McGrillian

Yoga teacher and aid worker

“I had a really powerful and magical session with Julia.  Her intuition and guidance was absolutely spot on.  Julia gently and intuitively guided me through a healing of an accident that happened a few years ago, that I could feel was still affecting me in my day to day life. I felt a really powerful shift since our session, my anxiety levels have significantly reduced.  I have a sense of healing around my accident and I feel much safer in my everyday life. Julia’s intuitive healing and guidance is magical, thank you!” 

Felicity Hale

Kinesiologist and yoga instructor

“I have been having healing sessions with Julia for 6 months now. Working with Julia has been a powerful experience, where I have been able to break through some strong genetic blocks and energies that have been stuck within me.

Julia is a strong, compassionate and authentic facilitator/healer. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.”